Thursday, April 26, 2007

i blew it...

i disqualified myself from a contest because i didn't read the fine print. i missed the crucial instructions. ever happen to you? in life we miss so many little things; the tiny cues and messages that people send us.

whether it's a job opportunity or the chance of a lifetime, there's a probability that it swam right by you. but that's okay, here's why: you are barraged by tiny extra-computer IMs every day. these are sent from different places, different people. would have happened if we could sense thess coming? we would take advantage of them any way we could.
so today and tomorrow, be on alert. read the fine print. take the different exit off the highway. flirt, feel, flow.

and don't blow it.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

inadequate words...

after speaking with and interviewing so many people touched by the tragic shootings at the Virginia Tech campus, it's clear we haven't the right words to describe the event.

English should be familiar, comfortable and accesible to us. yet with the horror of Monday, words become rough, strange and bitter on our tongues. there aren't words enough to describe a student playing dead to avoid being shot, a professor who held the door shut while his class escaped through the window, and nothing to erase the vision of watching a person die by a gun shot to the head. there's nothing in our language that can dry tears, console a grieving mother, to help humans get through this.

we are at the bottom of an Everest of emotion and words cannot help. we must simply climb and climb steadily.

Friday, April 13, 2007

who do you long for?

my dog has been howling at the moon for days. a certain someone has captured his heart. but she's miles away and he has to stay where he is. do you howl at the moon? long for someone miles away? want to change your situation to be near them?

maybe i can help. words are my strength. let's send an e-mail, a letter, write a script for a call. maybe together we can let them know how much you miss them and need them in your life.

Monday, April 9, 2007

refresh your soul...

there are some people who, with a word or a call or an e-mail can lift your spirits. they are the invaluable gems in your life. they are the friends who keep your soul nourished. they may not know their own worth. so, thank them--today.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

who's your April fool?

this month, it's okay to admit you're foolish. it's National Poetry Month and there's nothing more foolhardy than to write a verse or two about what your emothion. about what you love, what bothers you or about whatever strikes you today.

poetry is an arrangment of prose that looks more like a bouquet than a garden. no neat rows of plants, just an array of blossoms and leaves--they don't call it free verse for nothing.

the French have a saying: it ain't love, if it ain't foolish. be silly, fall in love.

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