Sunday, November 2, 2014

time away

Dear Mommies,

When you go away even for a moment from your babies do you miss them? Of course you do.
But are there times when you know the separation is necessary or deserved?

I think of the patients who came into contact with the Ebola virus who must undergo quarantine. Can you imagine being separated 21 days from your little munchkins? But you know that you would do anything to protect them even if it meant being away from them. The awful scenario of infecting your own child would be too much to bear.

And then there's the situation of a stay-at-home mommy who has two little ones that she is also homeschooling. Talk about an overachiever! But this mommy was given the chance to go to Europe for a brief, 4-day, stay. She hesitated and thought she should wait until her children were a little older. But then the opportunity would not present itself again. She went ahead and made the trip. Although she missed her babies, she had a wonderful time seeing London and Paris.

It was a trip of a lifetime. Now she has stories and experiences to share with her children. And her children were able to live without her for a brief time and without separation anxiety too!

Have you ever been away from your baby?

Relax mommies you've got this.