Wednesday, February 27, 2013

2013 Writer's Conference, Bethlehem, PA

Every year a gathering of writers from as far as Houston and as close as Allentown meet in Bethlehem, PA to talk writing and publishing stuff. All good stuff--the write stuff.

Every year its amazing to see how much the industry has changed and how much it hasn't.

Here are a few of the presenters, authors, agents who will be speaking and listening at this conference:
Jane Friedman, web editor
Emily Keyes, agent
Lee Upton, poet, professor
Jeanette Windle, author & editor
Ramona DeFelice-Long, author, editor, writing instructor
Jean C. Gordon, author, financial advisor
Jon Gibbs, author
Bonnie Calhoun, author
Sara D'Emic, agent
many more...,