Sunday, July 22, 2007

do you have it?

whether in business or in love, we all want to know -- is this the one? is this the idea that's going to make me millions? is the person with whom i'll happily spend the rest of my life?

it's nothing more than a feeling, a click of sorts. imperceptible, but real. did you feel it? sometimes it's hard to tell, sometimes we just know--love at first sight--it can happen.

but after the click we need the guts to keep going. whether we are rejected, broken, or full of doubt. perseverance is under rated in our 0 to 60 in five seconds world.

never forget the click. never give up.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

too hot for you?

in my neck of the woods we are under drought warnings--not enough rain, high risk of brush fires. it seems we get drier and drier and cringe as lightning strikes the ground.

but each and every summer it comes to this. one area church prayed for rain in 2005--and got hurricane Katrina. they now pray for its survivors.

heat is part of summer. it is also part of part of life. in the heat of our youth we are kindling waiting for the intrinsic (or extrinsic) lightning strike to ignite our passions. hopefully we use that flame to better ourselves and others.

as we grow older the lightning rarely strikes. we are more or less going with the flow. but some of us are dry as central Georgia. we need water or fire. fast.

can you handle the heat?

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

as we are...

there's an exciting new website just for women called as we are. it gives women and men fresh perspectives from different women around the world.

it's not feminist per se, but it does explore issues related to freedom and equality for women.

it allows women to be honest about their bodies and minds. terrific podcasts, regular contributors, enviro-friendly products and much more...
check it out:

Friday, July 6, 2007

what have you lost?

J.K. Rowling admitted that she is devastated by ending her extremely successful Harry Potter series. though she knew it had to come to an end, it seems she's going to suffer some grief.

are you grieving? what have you had to let go of? a home? a career? a person? we are never prepared to lose. sorry to say, it is all about winning. losers do not get noticed unless it's for public entertainment.

we can support each other for only so long. it's human nature to move on to other things. we cannot live in Harry Potter land forever. that's a good thing and we can say goodbye fondly.

we can also herald the new literature that will follow in its path. so maybe it's not about losing -- it's about letting go and looking forward.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

declare your independence...

as the nation celebrates its 231st birthday, we must acknowledge that we are in some way dependent on something (or someone) else. this is not a bad thing unless the dependency is something that harms you.

are you dependent on chemicals, nicotine, alcohol? or perhaps it's thrills, danger, sex, gambling, being accepted. today is the day to be free from these things that enslave you. be dependent only on yourself. on the support and love of others.

let go. go on vacation. Happy Freedom Day.