Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Shark Week & Goldfish

Dear Mommies,

Forget about Shark Week, let's concentrate on snacks.
Toddlers typically eat three meals and a snack. When they don't, or if they refuse, there can be some parental panic.

No worries: As long as they're thriving, picky eaters are simply testing the waters of food likes and dislikes.

Small finger foods, like goldfish-shaped snacks are often a life saver when it comes to your hungry little predator. They also munch on Cheerios, chopped fruit and pasta noodles.

If you think your baby is underweight, make sure you check with your pediatrician--weight is not always an indicator of poor health. BMI or body mass index, is a better benchmark. And it's probably better to have a slender child, than one that tends towards plumpness (see Toddler weight).

What's your toddler's favorite finger food?

Relax Mommies, you've got this!