Friday, November 29, 2013

wrap yourself in a warm quilt and snuggle on the couch...

Today is Black Friday...ugh

But for lovers, it's Blessings Friday.
While many are invading the malls and retail stores, to buy things. Today is actually a the perfect day for lovers to count the blessing of each other in their lives.

Today is the day for leftovers. For naps and snuggles. Movie time, relaxing time, precious alone time.

Build it up now while you can. While the relatives have gone shopping or home and the kids and pets are (hopefully) sleeping.

These are the quite times that you can talk about future plans. Not just about what to do for Christmas or next year, but what plans you have for each other. These are the blessing times. The times to remember and plan.

A weekend away, a working vacation, a cruise. Talk about what the two of you want to do together.

Hurry, the kids are waking up...

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Love ain't nothing if it ain't foolish.
    --Old French Proverb

Trust the French, notorious for the art of romance, to come up with some rather corny love advice. But they're right. Love makes us do really stupid things. And those stupid things remind us that when we love, we are all in. There isn't a player (or a lover) who can claim to have his or her head in the game, if they aren't willing to take risks. The risks that will make them look like a hero or a fool. And then, keep taking those risks until they win.

That's love. Forget the game plan, just go for it!