Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Dear Mommies,

So school's out and here it comes, the dreaded summer cold. While it's 80 degrees outside, you're shivering under a pile of blankets inside. You can thank all the kids, set free from their classrooms to spread germs far and wide.

Treatment options include: drinking lots of fluids, resting as much as possible and take in a few fashion movies. These movies are pure eye candy, they won't make you cry (you're eyes aand nose are probably already running), they won't make you think too hard (your head hurts any way) and they may just make you sleepy--here are some of my favorites:

1.       Devil Wears Prada

2.        To Catch a Thief

3.       The Dressmaker

4.       Pret-a-porter

5.       YSL (Yves Saint Laurent)

6.       Singing in the Rain

7.       My Fair Lady

8.       Grace of Monaco

9.       After the Ball

10.   Supermodel

Also fashion documentaries: "Dior and I" and "Iris." Below are surprising movies wear you'll see pretty clothes. A lot.

1.       The Blindside

2.       Magic in the Moonlight

3.       Marie Antoinette (2006 Academy Award for best costume)

4.       Breakfast at Tiffany's

5.       The Handmaiden

6.       Great Gatsby (both versions and newcomer: Live by Night) - All flapper inspired costumes.

7.       Personal Shopper

For TV episodes there's Sex in the City, Lipstick Jungle, and Pretty Little Liars. What are your favorites?

Seriously though, get some sleep & relax mommies you've got this.