Monday, August 11, 2014

They grow up so fast...

Dear Mommies,

Thinking of you as I attended a wedding. Toddlers aplenty. Although it’s one of my favorite things to do—toddler watch--I was more thinking about us. Most especially all we’ve given up.

When we fell in love we began a series of "letting go." Many of us had to move out of somewhere into somewhere else—we gave up our old homes. Maybe it was a good move but for most, we gave up something at the very least that were used to.
We got married and had to give up our names. (Even if you hyphenate, it’s still giving up your name.)
We gave up a whole bed. When the babies come along, we had to give up sleep altogether.
We gave up spending time on ourselves on little things like hair, nails, makeup—not enough time. 

These sacrifices do not go unnoticed. They are repaid—never in kind—but they are repaid. They are repaid at joy of birth, the small sighs of a contented sleeping infant, the first words, the first steps smiles and “I love you’s." They are unique and common at the same time and they are worth the letting go's and giving up's.

At celebrations like weddings its a wonderful time to treasure them.
What is your favorite "repayment?"