Tuesday, March 27, 2007

having trouble with the right words?

it happens to professional writers; the inability to put thoughts into just the right words. not just writer's block but a sense of dissatisfaction with what was written. that's when writers should do something they hate--share.

in a moment of helplessness reach out. writing is never a solo sport. there are those who will be honored to read your material and give you the feedback you need.

ask for help and then return the favor.

Monday, March 19, 2007

it's all about the obituary...

rather than be depressed about death, write your obituary. it's better than a resume because you have to think of all the things you've done that matter. things like teaching someone to read, volunteering at a retirement community, organizing a fund raiser for a worthy cause.

take stock of all the lives you've influenced in a positive way. therapists are not the only ones who support people through tough times.

be a dream enabler--help your peers fulfill their fondest ambitions. now that matters.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

your success is waiting...

no one is entitled to success. it either happens or it does not. there are large successes and small successes.
success comes to the ugly and the beautiful, the worthy and the unworthy. it comes to those who labor in small towns or those who study in New York City.
what's your definition of success? One million in the bank, a happy family with kids, your own business, a career in music, a book, a political office.
or all of the above.

the secret (and it's really just common sense) is doing what you love, being happy in the moment.

success occurs the moment you achieve true happiness. what are you waiting for?

Thursday, March 8, 2007

where are you?

spoke to a great bunch of students today. and saw that a few were bored, a few were doing something other than listening, some were paying attention and a few were actually hungry; taking notes and asking questions.
everyone one of those students reminded me of where i've been at one point in my life. bored, busy doing other things, paying attention, and very hungry ready to work hard and make a difference.

where are you?

Reminder: Book exchange, Small Press Month

Sunday, March 4, 2007

believe in your dream...

If men were like chocolate

If men were like chocolate. We’d nibble on them from head to toe. Start at the ears and savor each bite. And proceed thusly from morning ‘til night.

We’d chew them in sorrow--the perfect comfort food. And save them for later; whene’r we’re in the mood. They’d listen, muted for once and there’d be no distractions.

They’d be as treasured as truffles. We give and receive boxes and boxes of them. Gifts to share with friends. A special celebration. Break out the chocolate men!

Dark or light, sweet and bitter. Sultry and soothing. Liquid or solid. Spiced with cinnamon. Plain milk with nuts. Gooey, crispy, melting.

Sipping men in lattes. Our hot mugs overflow with these sumptuous companions.
On our breath to exhale, the steam, the froth, the delicious male.

Yes, we would love them more, their cream fillings adore. They can’t hurt or cause pain wrapped up in gold cellophane. Just sweet men over and over again.

who will publish your poetry? small press month, a month for authors to dream and believe.

Saturday, March 3, 2007

which has more cholesterol: chicken or beef?
who's older: Hilary Clinton or Al Gore?
what's the nearest galaxy to Earth?
have the details in your writing got you bogged down? didn't find what you were looking for on Wikipedia? let me help. it's my job to find the odd fact, the missing pieces, exorcise the devil in the details. better yet, i'll tell you where you can find it.

don't forget:
the Book Exchange
Small Press Month
read & write and & share

Thursday, March 1, 2007

share something ....

today March 1 begins National Small Press Month. it is a celebration of all the authors who went to the little guys to publish their stories. some very well-known writers stick with the independent presses. why? as Alice walker said "As water to flowers ... independent publishing to democracy."
a free voice starts off small

and to celebrate small press i've a bunch of books by my favorite authors for the book exchange. Shortsleeves: A Book For Friends by Hal Manogue, Rider by Marian Wolbers, Me talk pretty one day by David Sedaris and so many more. share one of yours. may be your own work? i'd love to see it.