Tuesday, June 26, 2007

what are you taking to the beach?

summer reading is best done at the shore. no phones, no distractions, no one to turn off the lights.

best bets are the big books that won't be devoured in less than an hour or two. my list includes: I love you like a tomato, Bleak House and Along came trouble.

What's on your list?

Sunday, June 24, 2007

caught by surprise...

summer stole quietly in. it wasn't that things just got hot on June 21. it's been hot for nearly most of May. there was no fanfare, no celebration to mark its arrival. so now summer is officially upon us.

has it made you happy? have you planned a vacation? are you ready for the sun? summer is full of surprises. we are all out and about. we travel more during this time of the year. we may run into old friends, find a new favorite spot on the beach, and hopefully enjoy ourselves.

let summer happen to you. it will unfold day by day; full of food, smiles, good times. write in your journal, or in your blog how summer has changed you. believe me, it will.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

what do you believe in?

a recent forum posed the question: are there any sins God would NOT forgive? the debate was a stark contrast to what people percived God as. he was ultimate love and to others he was ultimate justice.

i think God is both love and justice. those two virtues can co-exist. i think God will not forgive the sins that we cannot forgive ourselves for. and i also think we need to make restitution for the things that we've done that have hurt others. that's justice. and it's love too because we say we're sorry to the ones we love.

perhaps our preception of God and mercy is a matter of deciding if we are worthy of love.

what do you think God can forgive?

Friday, June 8, 2007

warm and warmer...

why do we fear risk? is it that we fear change? and yet we jump head first into love--the most monumental of changes. despite the warnings, we often go for the wrong person thinking that love knows what it's doing.

surprise. it does. we are the ones who get it wrong. we love the wrong person making love wrong. when we get it right love works. like putting the right key in the right lock. it works.

passion warms the heart, but true love warms the soul.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

ever been disappointed?

ever been let down? rejected? forgotten? it's a pretty common human experience. we can't all be liked at all times. and yet it makes us feel so alone; cutting us off from the rest of humanity.

in job hunting we all get the "not you" letter. the position was filled, thanks so much for your interest, good luck with your career. and an intangible sting accompanies the letter. the feeling of: you are not good enough. it's difficult to let that go, not to be hurt even for a moment. but it should be only a moment. the right job doesn't really exist--unless you are perfectly happy with what you are doing. that's rare. most of us have to work for happiness and sacrifice other things somewhere along the line.

as summer sweeps in, we have warm days to let all the little hurts slip away. we have opportunities to get outside and quell the loneliness. and we have time to be perfectly happy with the moment--regardless of disapointment.