Sunday, March 4, 2007

believe in your dream...

If men were like chocolate

If men were like chocolate. We’d nibble on them from head to toe. Start at the ears and savor each bite. And proceed thusly from morning ‘til night.

We’d chew them in sorrow--the perfect comfort food. And save them for later; whene’r we’re in the mood. They’d listen, muted for once and there’d be no distractions.

They’d be as treasured as truffles. We give and receive boxes and boxes of them. Gifts to share with friends. A special celebration. Break out the chocolate men!

Dark or light, sweet and bitter. Sultry and soothing. Liquid or solid. Spiced with cinnamon. Plain milk with nuts. Gooey, crispy, melting.

Sipping men in lattes. Our hot mugs overflow with these sumptuous companions.
On our breath to exhale, the steam, the froth, the delicious male.

Yes, we would love them more, their cream fillings adore. They can’t hurt or cause pain wrapped up in gold cellophane. Just sweet men over and over again.

who will publish your poetry? small press month, a month for authors to dream and believe.

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