Saturday, June 2, 2007

ever been disappointed?

ever been let down? rejected? forgotten? it's a pretty common human experience. we can't all be liked at all times. and yet it makes us feel so alone; cutting us off from the rest of humanity.

in job hunting we all get the "not you" letter. the position was filled, thanks so much for your interest, good luck with your career. and an intangible sting accompanies the letter. the feeling of: you are not good enough. it's difficult to let that go, not to be hurt even for a moment. but it should be only a moment. the right job doesn't really exist--unless you are perfectly happy with what you are doing. that's rare. most of us have to work for happiness and sacrifice other things somewhere along the line.

as summer sweeps in, we have warm days to let all the little hurts slip away. we have opportunities to get outside and quell the loneliness. and we have time to be perfectly happy with the moment--regardless of disapointment.

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