Sunday, July 22, 2007

do you have it?

whether in business or in love, we all want to know -- is this the one? is this the idea that's going to make me millions? is the person with whom i'll happily spend the rest of my life?

it's nothing more than a feeling, a click of sorts. imperceptible, but real. did you feel it? sometimes it's hard to tell, sometimes we just know--love at first sight--it can happen.

but after the click we need the guts to keep going. whether we are rejected, broken, or full of doubt. perseverance is under rated in our 0 to 60 in five seconds world.

never forget the click. never give up.


Carma's Window said...

Hi Bernadette,
Many young people think the "click" should last forever.

Basically it does last forever, just not at the same intensity when we first found it. This is where never forgetting comes in.

The Authors said...

Well, I was one of the few lucky ones that experienced love at first sight. The flowery experience is one I'll never forget adn it happened regardless of what I thought I should do or not. So, I think it is more of a "letting go and let it take it's course."

The maturity as carma pointed out, is taking that powerfulness of "at first sight" and working with it and taking the good with the bad each day. Because let's face it, sometimes Life isn't nice and neat!

Good thoughts.
Taryn Simpson

The Lieurance Group said...


Sometimes you know that someone is "the one" simply because he/she already feels like family.