Monday, September 3, 2007

thought for the day...

there are two words that catch our attention--death and sex. they cause emotional and visceral reactions. both are a part of life. one is the end, the other is the beginning. we schould treat each as such, rather than being fascinated by the macabre and the scandal they cause.

in the U.S. alone, 100 people die daily in traffic accidents, 269 will die in hospitals and about 50 people will die today of a drug overdose.

but today 291,000 new people will be born. there is no garauntee they will outlive those of us who exist now. but contrary to popular belief, even though we are having more sex than ever--the world is replacing its population at a very slow pace. fewer children are being born and live past their 5th birthday; wars, famine and disease are finally catching up.

who is going to take your place when you leave this world? no one can take your place completely or fill your shoes the can only pick up where you have left off.

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