Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Weird World Series

While the 2008 World Series was halted after 6 innings due to relentless rain and a flooded field, it's not the first time something unusual has marked America's National Pastime Championships.

In 1989 an earthquake ripped through California's Bay Area moments before the start of Game 3 between Oakland and San Francisco. Game 3 was delayed for 10 days.

In 1945, unable to bring his goat into Wrigley Field, Bill Sianis cursed the Chicago Cubs who have never won a WS since.

The longest game: 2005 WS -- 5 hours 41 minutes
Shortest game: 1919 WS -- 51 minutes
Youngest pitcher: Ken Brett, 19.5 years in 1967 WS
Oldest pitcher: Jamie Moyer, 44.9 years in 2008 WS
Tallest player: John Rauch 6' 11"
Shortest player: Donnie Sadler 5' 6"

Source: MLB.com

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