Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Toughest Thing

The Toughest Thing

In life, as in writing, we are subject to criticism, rejection, and plain old mean words that hurt. But the worst thing anyone can do to you or to your work is ignore it.

Part of the human condition is the desire to be accepted, validated, loved. It is no different for the author who writes or the runner who runs. The end goal, whether we want to acknowledge it, is to be noticed. It takes courage to put yourself forward, to do your best to stand out in a crowd. To be competing on any level.

When we take the ultimate step to be noticed by the object of our desire, any type of emotion short of love, feels like a rejection. My advice to writers & lovers: Be not afraid

You will be judged, rejected, scorned and ignored. But you will be loved.

What were the toughest words you ever heard?

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