Friday, February 9, 2007

fat, happy and pretty...

Anna Nicole Smith died yesterday, Feb 8. And the word being used to describe her end is "tragic."
so many used her as the proverbial "whipping boy." mocking her, barely concealing their jealousy. who doesn't want to live like a movie star? don't we all dream of doing whatever we want? no matter how outrageous, crude or otherwise tasteless we want that "freedom." Smith lived out a lot of our fantasies.
a friend joked that everyone we knew was on a diet and/or desparately trying not to grow old. "oh yes," she said, "we all want to die fat, happy and pretty."
Smith was surrounded by enablers, struggled with weight problems, addictions and unhappy relationships but she still smiled and joked and shocked her way into media front page. maybe she was just being herself.
are we sorry she's gone?
do we want to be fat, happy, and pretty (or handsome) at the end?

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