Monday, February 26, 2007

keep the faith...

last night at the Oscars a number of winners thanked people "who believed in them" even when they didn't believe in themselves.

talent is a good thing. motivation, determination, and plain old stubbornness will propel you towards your dreams.

but to succeed you have to surround yourself with people who care. because there's always going to be critics to tear you down, make your dreams seem silly or superficial. ever hear: "been there done that" ? or even: "forget it, it'll never happen" ?
you need the reasoned and seasoned advice of supportive friends.

who are you surrounded by? friends or enablers?

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Hal said...

Yes, there is a lot to be said about what you attract in your life. If you see beauty within, you will see it without. Suddenly you see people and things differenty. Feelings are the language of the universe. Your energy is a glow, understanding you create your world by choices and feelings. What mountain shall we climb next?