Wednesday, May 9, 2007

the golden pig is now...

a very dear friend reminded me that i was living in the past. it is not the year of the monkey (duh!) that was a couple of years ago. but it is now the year of the golden pig...not just any pig, mind you, but a very beautiful element added to a rather peaceful but often-scorned animal.

the Chinese take this stuff pretty seriously. while the rest of us are reading our daily horoscopes, the Chinese are using what they've known for thousands of years to determine their now. unlike the predictive angst horoscopes convey, Chinese give the window to self-knowledge and practicality.

oddly enough, medical science bears this out. babies born at different times of the year are subject to daylight duration, environment, weather--all manner of influences earthly and heavenly. thus their behavior is also different. who knew?

let us live peacefully in the year of the golden pig.

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