Wednesday, May 30, 2007

an unhappy so-long...

i am saying goodbye to May reluctantly. not so much that its end is the reminder that time goes quickly but because it was a great month. graduations, parties, birthdays, picnics and seeing old friends.

May had its downside too unpredictable weather, funerals, moves. but i feel these sad episodes in life more keenly because May is a month that is hard to cry in. once spring arrives, we all want to put our face to the sun and rejoice. but we can't cast off what it means to be human. joys and sorrows, wonder and woes, smiles and frowns.

if only May came twice a year. no, i take that back. spring is good once a year. or else we'd hate winter all the more and not enjoy summer or fall as much. so farewell May, a wonderful month. see you next year.

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