Monday, August 13, 2007

is it unlucky?

today is the 13th of the month.
for centuries the number 13 has been associated with bad luck. people fear it so much that there is no number 13 in horse racing. many buildings forgo the 13th floor. some people even avoid going into work on Friday the 13th.

upon closer inspection the number is no different "luck-wise" than the 12 that come before it and the infinite ones that come after it. many professional baseball, football and basketball players have worn 13 and had great careers (Rodriguez, Marino, Chamberlain). there are also a number of lottery winners who credit 13 for their winnnings.

perhaps the number became unlucky because of its connection with the Tarot card deck--the 13th card is Death. and since it is a prime number it is not easily divisible.

but our luck is what we make of it. today may be your lucky day. enjoy your good fortune.


Hal said...

Today is my lucky day. I read your message and remembered all the hotels that put me on the 13th floor, but the elevator did not stop there. It taught me patience and ability to laugh at myself.
Pretty lucky don't you think?

The Authors said...

One of my good friends was born on August 13...that's a pretty good omen, I think!