Friday, August 10, 2007

shake up someone's world...

we become lured into the doldrums in our lives. it's easy. things are humming along and we become machines, executing our daily duties on auto-pilot.

but isn't it great when a letter comes to you out of the blue? a phone call or an e-mail from someone who wants know how you are doing or invites to you to a special gathering. these are the (good) things that shake up your routine.

there are of course the bad things. the big and small storms; the moves, the losses of jobs, finances, loved ones. things that alter everything we beleive.

today let us be the ones who positively shake up some one's world. challenge them to a tennis match, take them to lunch "just because." drop off flowers or just say "hi, thinking of you." shake them out of their doldrums in a positive way.


Yvonne Perry said...


I know what you mean by getting a note or email of encouragement. I got a phone call this morning from someone who made sincere compliments about me and my writing services. It made my day!

Yvonne Perry

L.E.E. Design said...

This is a wonderful thought, it is very true that we become to consistent some times & you miss out on so many fun thoughts & moments when that happens. I love to do that stuff all of the time, it makes me happier to see people surprised & the smiles they get from it.

Jessica Dockter