Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Holiday hectic

Dear Mommies,

Do have a place you can go this holiday season? A place that's quiet, maybe snow covered and out of the way--so no one can find you?

While everyone talks about shopping and activities for the kiddies and baking and entertaining, I'd like to talk to you about hiding.

That's right mommies, hide. I don't mean runaway from home or disappear while your toddler is on time out. But,  settle everyone down and find your quiet spot. Refill your well. Nap, pray, knit, watch Hallmark, just remove yourself from the holiday fray.

Let go of your expectations and your invitations. You'll be happier if you smile more and worry less about the how the cookies turned out.

How will find your hiding spot?

Relax mommies you've got this!

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