Monday, January 5, 2015

new year, new view

By now, you've heard the numerous resolutions made by family and friends (maybe you've made a few): lose weight, get fit, improve health and make a fresh start. In general, be a better person.

Here's one for you this year: Make this the year you take a whole new view--of you.

As women and mommies, we often look at ourselves through a very narrow prism. We see our mistakes and failings more plainly than our own reflections. Sure, it's easy to see the spots, imperfections and flaws. We've been trained as mommies to have that critical eye to discern what's wrong or out of place. Don't get me wrong, striving for perfection is a good thing. Beating ourselves up because we didn't have the right diaper bag or matching socks, is not.

Expand your view of yourself this year with a gentle eye. Forgive yourself. Become your biggest cheerleader, not your worst critic. Extract what lessons you can from the mistakes and move on. Honestly no one in Target will remember the mommy who lost the sippy cup. Your embarrasment, like a dirty diaper, is uncomfotable but temporary.

Relax Mommies, you've got this.

p.s. and if you did lose that sippy cup, try this replacement: Munchkin Click-Count Sippy Cup (it comes in a 2-pak)

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