Friday, September 4, 2015

Back to school: Feeling empty

Dear Mommies,

Feeling empty?

It’s that time of year and many of you have had to let go of your babies in one way or another. Whether you’ve just finished driving your “baby” out to the college campus of her choice or you’re dropping your angel off at pre-school, you may feel like something is missing or lost.

In her book, A View from Saturday, E.L. Konigsburg’s wise character, Mr Singh explains why a teacher is feeling a sense of loss after her students win a final academic victory. He points out that we cannot experience missing something if we’ve never held it close in the first place. He also explains to the teacher that she and her students are on a journey. 

And you Dear Mommies are also that teacher. You have been in preparation for the special days of “First’s.” First day of kindergarten. First day of High School. First Day of college. All that work, all your blood, sweat and tears end with each milestone. You celebrate them briefly and prepare for the next, until one by one all your firsts are gone. There's a victory and a sadness with each achievement.

Sure, you can take pictures of the bus, the prom, the college graduation. But the instant is impossible to relive. So, stop, inhale, seal the memory in your heart. Your child is on a journey with you and you need to appreciate every day. And teach your child to savor every victory.

Relax Dear Mommies, you’ve got this.

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