Friday, November 13, 2015

Thanksgiving: The forgotten holiday

Don't forget Thanksgiving

                                            Over the river and throught the woods...

Dear Mommies,

As the leaves finally change and collect in piles on the ground, we enter into the final months of the year. But in the post Halloween rush, retailers plunge us head-long into Christmas. Thanksgiving is only a speed bump to many stores. Sadly, many are open on the holiday, luring shoppers with deals and promises of amazing sales.

Thanksgiving is one of the most important holidays that we have. For many reasons.
      Practically speaking, we see many family members we haven't seen in years.
      We get to show off our culinary skills--and surprise a few people with darn good cooking.
      Our munchkins finally learn how to behave at a formal dinner.
      We slow down, take a day off and gather around the table.
      We express our gratitude for food, family and all the blessings we've received.
Has anyone ever been thankful for you, a mommy?

It's too bad there isn't more time between November 26 and December 25. We often need much more time to be thankful for everything. Including moms.

Relax, mommies. You've got this!

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